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So to go along with the title of frustration; I was just about finished this blog when I suddenly messed up my hotkeys on my keyboard and accidentally deleted this whole post. Therefore this written one will be short and sweet.

I’ve been doing core power yoga twice a week at One Yoga studio now for about a month and it was going very well up until tonight.  I felt inflexible, and uncoordinated and for some reason – every muscle and joint and bone in my body was incredibly sore and were not cooperating for class.  I became incredibly frustrated during many of the poses because I felt as if I couldn’t do anything.  I just wanted to burst into tears and run out of the studio. Then I realized I shouldn’t be feeling this way during yoga, so then I got mad at myself and became even more frustrated.

Despite everything I toughed through it, but I’m still upset about my performance tonight.

I feel like I want to excel at yoga so badly that I’m losing focus and becoming impatient.  I want it – but I want it now; and if I continue to think like this it will be my ultimate downfall.

Tell me fellow yogi’s, what can I do to get of this slump?

In the meantime I’m going to take a little break from yoga this week and give myself a week and a few days off to recuperate and get my mind back in the right place.

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Still Going!

Woohoo guys I’m keeping to my commitment!

I went to my second beginner yoga class tonight and it was great.  I would have gone last week also but unfortunately I was still recovering from a pretty nasty sunburn… Ouch.

Anyways I brought a friend to my class tonight and it was really helpful having her there.  She added in that extra level of support I needed and she has also become someone to talk to and get excited about yoga with!  It’s also great having her there for partner work as well.

What do you guys think? Do you like bringing a friend or your sibling or mom or dad or kids or anyone to yoga with you?  Why or why not?

Anyways there is a deal on at my studio this Wed where classes are only 5$!  So were going to stray away from our hour and a half long beginner class and try an hour of Core Power yoga!!! I’m excited but still consider myself a beginner so I think it will be tough but extremely worth the work out!

I’ll let you all know how it goes, but until then,

Namaste! 🙂

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First Yoga Class Ever!!!!


After a semester of learning how to do yoga online, I’ve decided to take my learning to the next level… By going to an actual real class!!! And it was awesome.

I dropped into a beginner class at One Yoga Saskatoon and  it was great.  However I didn’t expect the beginner class to be so tough! I thought I had a fairly good idea at what I was doing when I got there – but I was in for a surprise!  I had never sweat so much in my entire life.  It was very worthwhile though.  There was such a great energy in the classroom and I felt great afterwords.

If you’re interested in learning about yoga (which I definitely recommend you at least try it out) take a look at what it’s all about through the web or even my blog project because there is so much you can learn from the web.  Once you have an idea about yoga, head down to a studio and at least try one drop in class.   It was great!


See you next Monday One Yoga!

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Yoga: Project Summary

Hey Everyone!  This is my LAST video specifically for my ECMP 355 class at the University of Regina!  However, just because this class is over doesn’t mean my learning experience is! I will continue to do yoga and learn as much as I can about it.  So expect a new video tomorrow 🙂

“You cannot open a book without learning something”



“You cannot open the internet without learning something”


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Yoga Day 10: New Lesson Set!

Hey everyone!

Here is the video commenting on the new yoga lesson set I found on Youtube:

Here is the video I followed for my yoga routine today:


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Yoga Day 9: Sun Salutation

Hey everyone,

Here is the link to the information on the Sun Salutation!



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Yoga Day 8 – Breathing pt.3

Alright everyone this will be the last part to my breathing trilogy before I move on to something new!  Unfortunately I do not have a video update for you guys because I have been feeling very under the weather lately.  So for my research on breathing I am still using ABC’s of Yoga website.  I have found it extremely helpful throughout my entire journey this semester and if you were interested in taking a more in depth look at yoga, I would highly suggest checking them out.

Breathing pt. 3 is about the four stages of breathing in yoga which are Puraka, Abhyantara Kumbhaka, Rechaka & Bahya Kumbkaha.  In order for everyone to learn a bit more about it today – since I can’t read it to you – I’ve taken the info right from the website and laid it out in front of you! Enjoy!

Yoga Breathing (Pranayama) – Stages of Breathing in Yoga

Breathing is life. It is one of our most vital functions. One of the Five Principles of Yoga is Pranayama or Breathing Exercise which promotes proper breathing. Proper Breathing, in a Yogic point of view, is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain, and to control prana or the vital life energy. Pranayama – the science of breath control, consists a series of exercises intended to meet these needs and to keep the body in vibrant Health.

As we have explained in the Anatomy of Breathing, each cycle of Breathing which is usually thought of as merely a single inhaling followed by a single exhaling, may be analyzed into four phases or stages, each with its distinct nature and traditional Sanskrit name. The transitions from inhaling to exhaling and from exhaling to inhaling involve reversals in the direction of the movements of muscles and of expansive or contractive movements of lungs, thorax and abdomen. The time necessary for such reversals can be very short, as may be observed if one deliberately pants as shortly and rapidly as he can. Yet they can be long, as one may notice if he intentionally stops breathing when he has finished inbreathing or out-breathing. The effects of these pauses, especially when they become lengthened deliberately at first and then spontaneously,-seem remarkable. Thus in our analysis of the Four Stages of Breathing, we shall pay special attention to these pauses, how to lengthen them and how to profit from them.

The Four Stages of Breathing in Yoga

1. Puraka (Inhalation)

A single inhalation is termed Puraka. It is a process of drawing in air and is expected to be smooth and continuous. If a person should pause one or more times during the process of a single inhaling, the process might be spoken of as a broken Puraka rather than as a series of Purakas.

2. Abhyantara Kumbhaka (Pause After Inhaling) Full Pause

Kumbhaka consists of deliberate stoppage of flow of air and retention of the air in the lungs, without any movement of lungs or muscles or any part of the body and without any incipient movements. A beginner may experiment by using some force to keep such pause motionless. Quite elaborate instructions and techniques have been worked out for this purpose.

3. Rechaka (Exhalation)

The third stage, Exhalation, is called Rechaka. Like inhalation, it too should be smooth and continuous, though often the speed of exhaling is different from that of inhaling. Normally, muscular energy is used for inhaling whereas exhaling consists merely of relaxing the tensed muscles. Such relaxing forces air from the lungs as they return to a relaxed condition. Muscular effort may also be used for both inhalation and exhalation. You can force air out with muscular effort like when you sit or stand erect with your abdominal muscles under constant control. When you deliberately smoothes the course of your breathing and hold the cycle in regular or definitely irregular patterns, you are also likely to use muscular energy at each stage, including the pauses. However, in a condition of complete relaxation, you should expect to exert some effort for inhalation.

4. Bahya Kumbhaka (Pause After Exhaling) Empty Pause

The Fourth Stage of Breathing, the pause after exhaling, is also called kumbhaka, especially when the stoppage is deliberate or prolonged. This empty pause completes the cycle which terminates as the pause ends and a new inhalation begins. Retrieved on March 28th 2012.


Learning about all the different types of breathing, the importance of breathing in yoga, as well as the different stages has helped my own yoga out a lot and it has even helped me outside of yoga as well.  Recently when I have found myself in a difficult or stressful situation I have used Pranayama to help calm me down and relax myself.

I hope you have learned a lot and I am hoping to be back vlogging again very soon!


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Yoga Day 7 – Breathing pt. 2

Hey Everyone!

Here is the 7th installment of my yoga learning experience!  I cut this video and the last one into two videos.  Now they are broken up nicer and easier to watch because they aren’t as long! Enjoy!


Once again, here is the website that I gathered my information from:

PS: Sorry for all the st-st-stuttering.  It was a late night for me!


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Yoga Day 6: Breathing pt. 1

Hey Everyone!

Here is update number 6! Enjoy 🙂

Here is the website that I gathered all my information from!

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Yoga Day 5: Types of Yoga Pt. 2

Hey everyone!

Below if my vlog describing various types of Yoga!  Enjoy!


I had know idea that so much research went along with yoga!



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